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Lab Location

Our lab is located in a secure, card-access building. Additionally, our lab is behind a door that requires a key to unlock.

UWO Identity

If you do not already have a UWO identity, you will need to contact WTS (519-661-3800) to get your password - they will ask for your UWO ID#. You can then activate your identity here.

Robarts Login

Our lab makes use of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) server at Robarts, so that all users can access the same graphical user interface on a Ubuntu Linux system. To sign up for a user, fill out the following form. Please select basic user unless you have discussed this with your supervisor(s).

All Khanlab users will automatically be granted access to a CBS basic (standard) account. Please contact Dr. Khan if you need a CBS heavy account (more computational resources).

Card Access

Your Western card should grant you access into the outer doors of Robarts. If you are unable to enter one of the secured doors using your card, you will need to contact Rebecca Nash ( (cc: Ali Khan) with the following information:

  • Name of person needing access
  • Their employment relationship (Staff, Grad Student, Associated Persons)
  • Email address of person needing access
  • UWO ID # for person needing access (if available)
  • Dates required for access (Start/End)
  • Reason for access

If you forget your card at home or left it at your desk, you can also enter through the front doors (on the 2nd floor where security is located).


There are two doors, both using the same key, that can be used to enter the lab:

  • By the atrium
  • Through the halls by the men’s washroom

To request a key to the lab (RRI 1240), follow the steps here.

During the day, this door will be be unlocked. In the evening or if you are the first to arrive, you may find this door locked. If you are locked out of the Lab space and nobody is around, on-site Robarts security can let you in (if security is not at the Front Desk, they may be walking their rounds in the building and will return).