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Conference & Expense Claims

To claim an expense, you will need to fill out the appropriate form on the UWO finance site. There are some basic instructions to guide you through the process:

Before a conference, if you need a cash advance, you can create one, making sure to include breakdown of cost in the Notes section of form (note: do not need receipts).

  1. Get a speedcode from Ali.
    • If your speed code starts with MB*, claims will go to Medical Biophysics admins (e.g. Jennifer Devlin, Faye Carr)
    • If your speed code starts with RT*, claims will go to Robarts Research Institute admins (e.g. Rebecca Nash, Johanne Langford)
  2. Attend conference.
  3. Follow instructions below to create an expense report.
  4. If you had a cash advance, apply it to your expense claim.
  5. Scan and attach any necessary receipts (e.g. taxi, uber receipts), as well as conference badge (to show as proof), and travel boarding passes.


  • You can use meal per-diem rates, but only for meals where the conference did not provide a meal (the admin staff will check against the conference program!)
  • Attach the conference program if possible, along with some proof of attendance (e.g. a certificate of attendance if provided, or copy of your badge)
  • In the notes section, please include what your role is (grad student, post-doc, etc.) and your relationship with Me (e.g. Supervisor: Ali Khan)
  • For re-imbursing food for lab meetings, mini-hacks, tutorials etc, use Meeting as the Business Purpose, and use Meal: Hospitality Receipt as the Expense Type. You can include expenses for multiple days/events as different lines in the same expense report. Be sure to include the list of attendees for each expense where indicated.
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