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Slack is a team messaging platform and the preferred method of online communication (rather than e-mail), for both collaborative and individual messaging. We use paid version of slack, meaning all of the messages and files posted are archived indefinitely, making it easy to refer back. Apps exist for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and even through the web browser. Our team can be found on If you are not yet on slack, ask the administrator (Dr. Khan) for an invite.

Mailing Lists

While we prefer to use Slack, there are still some useful mailing lists that you may want to join to get information on the latest seminar, guest speaker, etc.

Below are a few of the mailing lists you may be interested in:

  • – Everyone with building access
  • – General chat/requests around the building.
  • – Seminar information
  • – Imaging group at Robarts
  • – Staff at Robarts
  • – Trainees at Robarts

Adding yourself to mailing lists:

If you are in outlook on your desktop, scroll to the bottom of the mailbox and you will see a groups tab. Right click and browse and you can add to them.

Outlook on the web you will find it under the people section. Images are attached to show you what it would look like. When searching for more groups most of them can be found searching for rri or Robarts.

To remove yourself:

In Outlook, click on the group. There is a button on the top ribbon called “Group Settings”. Click on that then select leave.

On the web, right click on the group and select leave.

If you want to stay part of the group but not get the email notifications in your mailbox, in the group settings then you can turn off follow in inbox.


Many meetings that occur are either hybrid or virtual. Within the lab, and in many external events, these meetings are hosted via the Zoom video communications platform. As a Western student, you have access to the paid version of Zoom free of charge (e.g. essentially no-limit on meeting length). Visit the Western Zoom page for more information and to download the Zoom client.