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Khan Lab Wiki

Welcome to the wiki page of the Khan Computational Imaging Lab! This document is designed to help new lab members get started and also as a reference to existing members. Detailed information exists on things such as lab communication, computational resources, expense reports, etc.

To navigate this document, use the table of contents on the left or the search function above.

This is a living document, please feel free add, update or correct this page by making a pull request in this GitHub repository. Also feel free to add any suggestions or questions you have!

COVID-19 Status

This section will indicate the current return to work status based on the the latest University updates:

Current return to work status: Return to work

Our lab makes use of a number of different tools and you will find information in greater detail in the associated sections in the wiki. To help you quickly get started, there are a few links included below to set up accounts and grant access to servers.