Post-doctoral opportunities

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Graduate opportunities

We have openings for students at the Master's and PhD level. Our current students come from a diversity of areas that include computer science, engineering, neuroscience, physics, and medicine to name a few. We are a multi-disciplinary lab, however, students with proven skills in programming and scientific computing will be at an advantage. All students will also be mentored by clinical collaborators relevant to their thesis project. Western University provides a rich and diverse environment for trainees, and I supervise students in the Department of Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering and the Neuroscience graduate program. I encourage you to apply directly to the University as soon as possible if you are interested!

Internship opportunities

Internship opportunities for motivated trainees in the lab are available through the MITACS Accelerate program and our industrial partner, Synaptive Medical. Please contact Dr. Khan for more information.

Undergraduate opportunities

If you are interested in completing an undergraduate honours project in our lab, please contact Dr. Khan.

We often have the opportunity for motivated undergraduate students to volunteer in the lab. Students will gain exposure to working with medical images, learning to use brain image processing and analysis tools, and carrying out scientific research. Please contact Dr. Khan if you are interested in volunteering.