We escaped!
We escaped!

Khan Lab flexing their problem solving muscles at Exodus Escape Room

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Diffusion tractography
Diffusion tractography

Automated fibre bundle extraction using diffusion MRI can aid clinicians in performing less invasive neurosurgery

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Annals of Neurology Feb 2015
Annals of Neurology Feb 2015

In-vivo prediction of epilepsy neuropathology using quantitative multi-parametric MRI

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We escaped!
We escaped!

Khan Lab flexing their problem solving muscles at Exodus Escape Room

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Medical images play a critical role in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease, and the planning and guidance of surgical therapies.  Our group develops and applies sophisticated image processing and analysis techniques to extract, quantify, and distill information from medical images, ultimately leading to more accurate diagnoses and more precise surgical interventions. 



November 20, 2018

Robarts Leaders in Innovation

Epilepsy research from the Khan Lab was centre stage at the Leaders in Innovation Dinner -- Check out the video here!

June 22, 2018

Khan lab at ISMRM 2018

Congratulations to Jason Kai, for his abstract "Investigating U-Shape Fibers from Data-Driven Clustering of White Matter Tractography", awarded an oral presentation and Summa Cum Laude award at the annual ISMRM 2018 meeting in Paris, France.

May 07, 2018

Brainhack Western 2018

Brainhack Western 2018 was held May 2-6, and included a 2 days of educational workshops on MRI Physics and Data Standards. Look out for next years event!

Check out the recap here!

YouTube videos from the event

November 30, 2017

NeuroImage paper on unfolding the hippocampus

Check out the new paper from Jordan DeKraker (PhD student with Khan and Kohler labs), where ultra-high field 7T images were used to build mathematical models of hippocampal structure.

April 17, 2017

7T templates for stereotactic neurosurgery

New paper by Jonathan Lau et al. describes how 7T templates can be integrated into clinical surgical navigation platforms. Look out for our future work employing prospective 7T imaging for deep brain stimulation surgical planning!

Lau JC, MacDouggal K, Peters TM, Parrent A, Khan AR. Ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging templates for target selection in deep brain stimulation surgery.  Accepted 5 April 2017, World Neurosurgery. 

March 17, 2017

Imaging Network of Ontario - Prize winning research

Congratulations to Jason Kai for winning the 2nd place oral presentation prize at the 15th Annual Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO), for his work "Investigating the relationship of myelin and axonal white matter microstructure using longitudinal relaxation mapping and restricted diffusion".

March 06, 2017

Brainhack Western 2017

Our lab organized the inaugural, and highly successful, Brainhack Western, a neuroscience-themed hackathon hosted at Robarts Research Institute -- check out the CTV News coverage here!

July 18, 2016

CIHR Project Scheme Awarded to the Khan and Kohler Lab!

We are excited to announce that nearly half a million dollars has been awarded to fund our research using 7T MRI to better diagnose and treat drug-resistant epilepsy.

Principal Investigators: Ali Khan & Stefan Kohler

Title: Probing hippocampal integrity with ultra-high resolution MRI and behaviour in temporal lobe epilepsy

February 17, 2016

Research Matters @ Queens Park

We had a great opportunity to showcase our latest collaborative research with Synaptive Medical at this Queens Park pop-up event, and rub shoulders with the Minister of Innovation, Reza Moridi, and MPPs from across the province including Peggy Satler from London West.  

December 22, 2015

New paper in Human Brain Mapping

Our recent work on probing hippocampal subfield pathology in epilepsy has been published in Human Brain Mapping! Click here to read more.

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