Image-guided neurosurgery

Neurosurgery to treat drug-resistant epilepsy or brain cancer is very challenging, as the surgeon needs to trade-off completely removing the disease, with sparing healthy functional tissue. Planning how much of the brain to treat requires knowledge of the neurological pathways and abnormal regions, however this can be difficult as the boundaries are not always well defined. Incorrectly defining the region to treat can carry a great deal of risk; if too small, the surgery will not be effective, and if too large, function may be altered negatively. 


We are working on computational tools to guide neurosurgeons towards more optimal resections, biopsies, and electrode implantations by extracting and exploiting the information present in medical images.


Diffusion tractography

Segmenting white matter fibre bundles for surgical avoidance... 

MRI-Ultrasound fusion

Integrating intra-operative ultrasound in practical neurosurgical workflows ...

Deep brain stimulation planning

Imaging the deep brain structures to help guide electrode implantations...

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