Epilepsy is a debilitating neurological disorder, and many patients do not have control of seizures with anti-epileptic medications. In these cases, it becomes imperative to map out where the seizures are originating from in order to perform focal surgical treatment. 


We are using advanced imaging techniques, such as quantitative multi-parametric MRI and ultra-high-field MRI in order to detect lesions which may be otherwise hidden, and to better understand how the brain and it’s networks are affected by epilepsy.

Quantitative multi-parametric MRI

Quantitative MRI sequences model the intrinsic tissue parameters, which we can use to classify and localize lesions ...

Ultra-high-field MRI of the hippocampus

Using Canada's only 7T MRI scanner we can look at the internal structure of the hippocampus in epilepsy ...

Brain connectivity

Epilepsy is a network disorder thus exploration of how brain connectivity is altered is crucial to our understanding ...

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