Histology & imaging

Histology provides a microscopic view into tissue and, when possible, is an invaluable way to validate what we are observing with medical imaging.  We have the opportunity to access tissue obtained from surgical procedures, however, correcting for the tissue deformations that occur from resection and histological processing remains a major challenge.


We are developing semi-automated pipelines for performing this image registration in applications that include temporal lobe resections, and carotid plaque endartarectomies, and are employing these tools to investigate the correlation between imaging and histological markers.

Temporal lobe epilepsy histopathology

Histopathology and ultra-high-field MRI of tissue from temporal lobe resections helps us optimize imaging and image analysis ...

Carotid plaque histopathology

Correlating histopathology from plaques extracted from the carotid artery can validate imaging to inform treatment planning ...